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    Convergence into One Solution for 9-1-1 Call Taking, Mapping, CAD, Reporting.

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9-1-1 innovation beyond next generation

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Innovative, Economical, Reliable and Service Oriented

Emergency CallWorks products provide many significant advantages for your Public Safety operations.


The most innovative and advanced technology for PSAP operations, eliminating the need to buy, integrate and maintain separate systems for call taking, mapping and dispatch

Unique System Design

The Emergency CallWorks solution is based on a truly innovative design featuring the first natively-integrated platform that includes Next Generation E9-1-1 Call Taking, Mapping and Dispatch functionality in a single application, allowing Public Safety call centers to achieve unparalleled work flow, control and reporting


Highly flexible and cost effective system options via site-based or hosted/managed solutions. Our configurable system is designed to be affordable for any size agency


Unparalleled system reliability, ease of deployment and system support

Superior Customer Service

24-hour, high-quality customer care and service with remote monitoring as a standard offering


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