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    Convergence into One Solution for 9-1-1 Call Taking, Mapping, CAD, Reporting.

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9-1-1 innovation beyond next generation

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Our Mission

To strengthen the effectiveness of Public Safety agencies through innovative technology and service solutions for emergency call receiving and dispatching...powered by a single, natively-integrated application for a seamless work flow in a much simpler and less expensive manner, thus saving time, money and, most importantly, lives.

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Every second matters. Every call counts.

Emergency CallWorks is a leading pioneer in technology innovation for the public safety industry. Founded in 2006 to develop and deploy a next generation, dispatch-centric emergency call taking and dispatch system, our solution combines i3 9-1-1 Call Taking (NG9-1-1), Integrated Mapping (Mapped ALI) and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) capabilities into a single-source, highly scalable solution. No matter your agency size, Emergency CallWorks applications are easily tailored to fit your need by adding widely available commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware.

In Public Safety, it's not just about having the latest technology, but actually being able to use that technology – in your environment, in the way you work – to deliver real results in real situations. With our natively integrated system, public safety agencies can take advantage of the most advanced technologies providing more effective communication, collaboration, cooperation, and data sharing. In short, our solution allows you to finally achieve faster responsiveness and greater productivity from your Public Safety resources.

Emergency CallWorks applications empower you to achieve more efficient call taking and dispatch operations and comply with evolving FCC mandates for wireless E9-1-1 calls. Plus, we can easily incorporate your non-traditional communications and help resolve your aging legacy support issues most agencies face today.


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