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    Convergence into One Solution for 9-1-1 Call Taking, Mapping, CAD, Reporting.

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9-1-1 innovation beyond next generation

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NG9-1-1 Call Taking. Beyond Next Generation.

CallStation® provides browser-based i3 (NG9-1-1) Call Taking and Mapping*, at a lower cost, for agencies that have a dispatch application, but need to add the latest VoIP, wireless mobile and NG9-1-1 capability.

Call Taking is available directly from the Map with the support of traditional 9-1-1 and Mapped ALI features from a browser running on the same PC as your dispatch application, if your vendor allows it**. CAD interfaces are provided.

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Core functionality provided with CallStation

  • Legacy 9-1-1 and Administrative Call Taking
  • "SipWorks" - i3 NG9-1-1 Call Taking option
  • Mapped ALI functionality
  • Integrated TDD and IRR
  • Multi-User, Multi-Agency capability
  • NENA Compliant Workstation capability
  • Easy to use browser technology and user interface
  • Integrated VoIP Switch
  • Call taking is available directly from the Map with the support of traditional 9-1-1 and Mapped ALI features in a single smooth work flow
  • Remote VoIP Phone Only capability with ALI via "SipStation"
  • Standard Interfaces for Time Sync., Printing, Reports, CAD, ALI
  • Web portal for real-time data views and Call Detail Reporting
  • Includes AdminiStation(tm) Data Management Utility
    • Browser-based remote administration tool
    • Account-based Access and Privileges
    • Database administration
    • GIS data administration
  • Includes DecisionStation(tm) Dashboard Utility
    • Real Time 'at-a-glance' status of calls, incident data and more
    • Enhances Situational Management
    • Improves Operational Analysis
    • Easy-to-use browser-based reporting
    • Predefined Reports included for immediate use
    • SmartPhone support
    • Remote creation of dispatch service requests

*CallStation NM, a lower cost version of the product is also available; it does not include Mapping functionality.

**Please note, some vendors will charge you to certify anything they don't sell if it will run on the same workstation as their Windows application, even a Firefox-based browser.


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