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    Convergence into One Solution for 9-1-1 Call Taking, Mapping, CAD, Reporting.

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9-1-1 innovation beyond next generation

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Total Solution

Emergency CallWorks has pioneered the convergence of NextGen 9-1-1 Call Taking, Incident Management (CAD) and GIS systems.

We offer the only natively integrated, browser-based, dispatch-centric design in the industry. Using the latest software design and telephony technologies, our native i3-compatible application manages the receipt of emergency calls and seamlessly dispatches a response with a simpler, easier-to-use workflow approach and user interface designed to work the way you do, today.

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Convergence into One Solution for 9-1-1 Call Taking, Mapping, CAD, Reporting
  • Single IP Platform for 9-1-1, Mapped ALI and Dispatch with Complete (9-1-1 Call-to-Dispatch) Decision Support Reporting
  • Flexible Procurement (i.e. Advanced Call Taking with Mapping Only)
  • i3, NG Now While Accommodating Legacy 9-1-1
  • Phased II / VoIP Support
Advanced Architecture for Higher Value and Lower Cost
  • High Value, Lower Cost Cutting-edge Architecture Ready for Today and Tomorrow
  • No Unexpected Upgrade, Conversion or Replacement Costs
  • More advanced High Availability Included
  • Less Hardware than Competitive Offerings
Simplicity in Deployment, Support, Implementation, Configuration
  • Even Geo-Diverse and Complex Deployments Made Simple
  • Four Solutions in One with Highly Flexible Workflow Assignments
  • Hostable Centrally or in the Cloud
  • Easier to Implement, Support, Maintain, Integrate

The challenges ahead won't end with Next Generation 9-1-1. Unfortunately, many vendors you rely on today would have you believe that simply installing a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution prepares you for NG9-1-1. We started with NG9-1-1 and VoIP as the beginning requirement - not the end. We go beyond those defined standards to deliver real value, benefits and lower total cost of ownership, along with a seamless transition from the present to the future.


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